Michael Manring & Ahmad Hani - "Hanring"

This collaboration of composition between Michael Manring and Ahmad Hani comes from their contrast approaches of the fretless bass.

Ahmad Hani and Heiko Dijker

- Mountains Of Muğla

Maybe we will meet again in another life.. and we will be able to have that walk together.. in the Mountains of Muğla.

Amiss (Cenk Erdoğan - Mahan Mirarab

- Ahmad Hani - Amir Wahba)

My composition was recorded and Captured 10/5/2017 we met in Cenk Erdoğan's studio in Istanbul.

Ahmad Hani - "Rootation"

From my Solo Live Performance in Matrix. 23 September 2017 Rotterdam - Netherlands.

Ahmad Hani - "Hazelcut"

Featuring Sumru Ağıryürüyen in Müziğin Diliyle Tv.Show TRT.

Ahmad Hani

- The Three Jazz Ballads

My Funny Valentine , Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Round Midnight.

Ahmad Hani - Bass lesson

- The Hijaz and Jazz improvisation

My Lesson for Bass Musician Magazine: https://bassmusicianmagazine.com/2017/07/bass-lesson-hijaz-jazz-improvisation/